Michal Kolesár: Open rescue XXXIV (October 2017)

We were here three weeks ago. The shed we got in the last time was empty. We weren‘t able to enter the next one. At first there were problems with the opening, then we retreated because of a guards visitor and then again when he went for his rounds. We are back today but there is only few of us.

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We cannot afford to have lookouts around the grounds and we have to be fast. We have got one person on the ground near the guard station and we hope that everything goes right.

Few minutes at the door and it‘s opened. I am going to find out if there are hens inside. Faul smell, loud clucking, they are here. I call Lukas.

Few pictures as a proof and we are out. We take seventeen of them with us. Into the better times and sweeter-scented world.

From the website for the animals

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