Happening An animal is not a product in Prague

41-150x150Organization 269 held a gathering called “An animal is not a product” at Náměstí Republiky in front of Palladium shopping center in Prague on Friday 18th of July. They pointed out that it is not right to place a monetary value on any live. It is not right to use any living being for meat industry, fashion or entertainment. They pointed out that animals are here for their own reasons, not for them to be our products. Every animal has its own value. Every animal has a right to live in dignity and freedom without fear, isolation and suffering.

Discount, special offer, irresistible offer… All of this is everywhere around us. Buy this or that, now is the right time. Shopping mania has become a meaning of life for many of us. In the morning we go to work, after work we go shopping and in the evening we turn the TV on or go to a restaurant and then we go to sleep. And all this over and over again, day after day. But… Have you ever thought what is the cost of this life? How many hectares of primeval forests have to be cut down so that we can have a cheaper chocolate? How many children participate in a production of our clothes in order for us to go with recent fashion trends? And how many kilometers potatoes have to travel in order for us to have them for dinner?

But there is a greater tragedy. The tragedy of animal lives. Lives of animals that never get to know what freedom, love or free movement are. Behind every piece of meat there is an individual story. A story of a chicken which has been put into a tiny cage since it was born. A story of a cow which served as a source of milk and which gave birth to a number of calves that were taken away from her so that it would end up at your plate in the end. A story of a pig which never came to know what the sun, wind, rain or snow were. A story of a carp which lived inhumanly crowded in a little fish tank and before it was killed it was moved several times without an access to the water.



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