Blokáda kácení Bělověžského pralesa

V Polsku začali v lednu kácet legendární Bělověžský prales – poslední dochovalý nížinný prales v Evropě. Nepomohly ani apely vědců. Proto lidé začali prales chránit vlastními těly. A potřebují pomoc. Kdo můžete, vyjeďme pomoci zachránit tento unikátní les nevídané krásy. Co se tam děje (v polštině).

Bialowieza Forest Calling, Get Engaged


After years of efforts to limit the scale of logging and increase the amount of protected areas in the Białowieża Forest, the current Government of Poland has taken a radically different direction.
Using infestation of the bark beetle as an excuse, intensive logging has begun in the most pristine parts of the Forest. Between January and May 2017 over 10 thousand trees have been cut down in the over-100-years-old parts of the Forest. Recently issued legal ban on entering major parts of the Forest serves as a disguise for intensified logging and allows to fine anyone who violates the controversial regulation.
In the face of intensified logging non violence direct action is needed. We’ve blocked the logging activities by chaining ourselves to harvesters. We participated in a citizens’ march, where 150 people violated the ban to claim their right to the Forest. In order to protect the Forest, we urgently need to step up our efforts. This is why we set up a camp, a self-organized place that fosters peaceful actions and educates about the struggle around the Forest.


We will try to continue activities till the end of June.
How does it work? The camp and activities are planned for people who want to work for the goal of making the whole Bialowieza Forest a national park. You can stay with us longer, participate in camp’s life, and take part in planning and pursuing collective actions. You can also come just for a meeting or one night, to support us, learn more about the struggle and find a way to get engaged.What do we do?

* Act peacefully to protect the Forest. Let’s think together what can we do! Protests in the Forest! Demonstration? Performance? Information campaign?
* Organize meetings, workshops, walks. Tell us how can you participate!
* Develop the camp. Every pair of hands and every skill is useful.What is it like?

We sleep in tents; there is running water and some electricity. There is a WC. We’re building an outside kitchen and garden showers. There is also a big shed that serves as a space for workshops and meetings and a separate room for work. It is a very nice place already and with your help it soon will be great!What do you need?

Sleeping pad, sleeping bag, something warm for the chilly evenings. You can bring your own tent, but there are some that you can sleep in. A bowl, a fork, a torch, something against mosquitos. You can come by car, but there is very little parking space – it’s good to have a bike. You can bring your own or rent one in Bialowieza.

Do you want to join us?Contact us via Facebook or e-mail: or call + 48 507 604 292; + 48 532284313

You can also support camp and our activities by donation: camp is meant to foster peaceful actions aimed at protecting the whole Bialowieza Forest. The camp is not connected to any political party. We do not use any organization symbols, companies’ logos, and political parties’ signs at its site.

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