Open rescue XXXVI (November 2017) & In the memory of Britches + 467

We rescued 25 hens. They will not die in the cage nor in the slaughterhouse. We took them to the transfer place and from there to their new homes.

Now they can spread their wings and run. They have sun instead of the artificial lightning. Fresh air instead of fans. The weaker ones can run away from the stronger ones.

In the memory of Britches + 467

In april 1985 sixteen ALF activist broke into University of California in Riverside and saved 468 animals.

One of them was a five-weeks old baby monkey named Britches who was a subject of tree-year study of senzoric deprivation with another 24 monkeys. Shortly after the birth he was taken away from his mom, his eyes were stitched together and they strapped an electronic sonar device to his head.

The story of Britches + 467 started as a tragedy but thanks to humans who smashed the door and opened their cages, and thanks to the Riverside student who was helping them, it didn‘t end as one. Remember them with us.

Animal Liberation Front


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